Rotary Mowers

Carine’s Merchandise is proud to offer a range of drum and disc rotary mowers from FarmTech. Perfect for hay season and beyond, these mowers can be used to maintain a range of meadow, feed, pasture and wild plants. 

FarmTech Drum mowers have a small power requirement, allowing for long operation without straining the tractor. High quality cutting with an adjustable cutting height allows control, preserves nutrients and shortens drying times. 

FarmTech Disc mowers are the ideal machines, using air current formed during the rotation of the discs to improve the cut. With a three point hitch, it has a safety mechanism to prevent collisions with hard objects. Features a hydraulic lift system that keeps the machine upright during transport. A very low and quality cut. 

Carine’s Merchandise stocks a range of mowers to suit your operation – for more information and pricing, talk to the team at Carine’s today.