Everun ER380

The Everun ER380 Mini Skid Steer is easy to operate, with a fantastic tip capacity and height. Fitting through tight spaces is a breeze, keeping you on the go when you need to be. American Briggs and Stratton engine (or Kohler engine) provides the torque you need. With over 25 attachments, the ERS380 Mini Skid Steer, also referred to as a mini-digger, is an incredible little workhorse, at a great price.

Max Working Height 2128mm
Max Pin Height 1869mm
Max Dump Height 1473mm
Highest Point Discharge Distance 399mm
Bucket Swing Angle 55˚
Bucket Unloading Angle 30˚
Opening-closing Angle 25˚
Angle of Departure 10˚
Total Height 1218mm
Height from Ground 105mm
Wheelbase 612mm
No Bucket Length 1752mm
Total Length with Bucket 2206mm
Total Width 1060mm
Bucket Width 1150mm
Turning Radius 1317mm
Rated Power 17.15kw (23hp)
Rotating Speed 3600rpm
Noise ≤95
Hydraulic Pressure 17mpa
Max Lifting Force 200kg
Bucket Capacity 0.15m3
Max Lifting Power 375kg
Speed 0-5.5 km/h
Operating Weight Rubber Track 1068kg