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Andrew Carine discusses the recent Everun ER28 updates

Andrew Carine runs us through the new features on the improved Everun ER28 Wheel Loader. Features include a 4-in-1 gear box, improved vision with glass rolling at the top, plus a Deutz motor that’ll increase your speeds to 36km/h. Comes complete with a 4-in-1 bucket, pallet forks and a spare wheel.

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Everun ER28 New Features

Jesse talks about the exciting new features on the Everun ER28. It’s got a new cabin style, vertical curved glass, improved mounting system and a higher componentry location. The ER28’s start at a 2 tonne lift and go all the way through to 6 tonne lift.

Everun ER28 Wheel Loader

Jessie from Carine’s merchandise is here with Luke from Everun to go through the technical specs of the ER28 wheel loader.

The wheel loader comes with a 2.8 tonne operating capacity and has a 4.4 metre lift height. Fitted with a 125 horsepower turbo diesel engine and a 4-speed transmission that makes it capable of 36kmph. Additional features over the old model include and extra 500ml through the rear chassis for stability, and hydraulic quick hitch and hydraulic oil coolers standard.

Everun rough terrain forklift

Jessie from Carine’s merchandise talks with Luke from Everun Australia about the specs and info on the 2.5 tonne rough terrain forklift. It is fitted with a 4.5 metre, 3-stage container mast. Has side shift and a fourth valve fitted as standard. Also features an automatic transmission, mechanical front diff locks and a 60 horsepower Chinese Perkins type engine.

Everun attachments for every need

Everun Australia​ loaders are available with a wide range of attachments including GP buckets, 4-in-1 buckets, hay forks, pallet forks, stone rakes and the most recent attachment a rotating timber handler.

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Everun ER40 Wheel Loader

Andrew Carine talks with Jessie about the Everun ER40 wheel loaders. Brand new to the range, the 4 tonne wheel loader is capable of 40kmph and has a lift of 4 metres and 4 tonne. It carries an automatic transmission and is fitted with a 160 horsepower diesel turbo engine for maximum results.

Everun Loaders – ER20

Andrew and Jesse are here to tell you about Everun loaders and forklifts now available at Carine’s.
The simplicity of components in the ER20 ensure ease of maintenance, product longevity and long term parts and technical support.