Depth Charging

The Depth Charger is a fully hydraulic roller-integrated deep ripper, capable of ripping to a depth of 700mm.

It’s based on the same concept as the Reefinator. The roller carries the weight of the machine, crushing softer gravel boondies and clay hardpan slabs, leaving a firm level seedbed; not a fluffy, lumpy mess. This makes it ideal for plant establishment, unlike a more traditional deep ripper.

The Depth Charger allows for different set-ups due to its modular design. This allows it to be set-up for a variety of different soil types, needs and results.

It’s an excellent option for farms who’ve never had deep tillage done before, out of fear of what mess they might create. But, it’s important to note, the Depth Charger is not a Reefinator – more serious rock will need to be dealt with first.